Grades and Standards for Student Achievement - Satisfactory Progress

Grades are awarded on a traditional A, A-, B+, B, B- ... F system. The minimum passing grade is a C. The minimum allowable grade point average to maintain satisfactory progress is a C, or 2.0.

In calculating a student's grade point average, the following policy applies:

  • A 4 Grade Points
  • A- 3.67 Grade Points
  • B+ 3.33 Grade points
  • B 3 Grade Points
  • B- 2.67 Grade Points
  • C+ 2.33 Grade Points
  • C 2 Grade Points
  • C- 1.67 Grade points
  • D+ 1.33 Grade Points
  • D 1 Grade Points
  • D- 0.67 Grade Points
  • F 0.00 Grade Points

If the student has not completed the coursework and earned a grade at the end of the course, the instructor may issue one of the following grades.

I Incomplete If the course has not been completed, the instructor may grant an I on a two-month extension of the term, at no additional tuition cost, when the student is making satisfactory progress and the instructor believes that an extension of time will permit satisfactory completion. At the end of this period, a final grade must be recorded.

W Withdraw The student may withdraw from any course before the end of the term. At the end of the term, the instructor may withdraw the student from the course and issue a W when the instructor believes the student's progress is insufficient to warrant an extension. A student who withdraws or is administratively withdrawn must retake the course and is responsible for a new tuition payment for that course of study.